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Tendercare was started by a nurse looking to transform her own life by taking control of her schedule and connecting more deeply with home healthcare patients. Today we’re an IndyStar Top Workplace six years running, and are recruiting registered nurses right now to join our team of almost 300 healthcare professionals. We provide services to both pediatric and adult patients, especially those with high-tech or ventilator-dependent care needs.


Why join the Tendercare team?

  • Provide one-on-one care to adult and/or pediatric patients.
  • Create your own flexible schedule.
  • Get a $2,500 sign-on bonus.
  • Work full or part time.
  • Shorten your commute with patients close to home.
  • Thrive at a top-rated workplace.
  • Learn from on-the-job training and annual CMEs.
  • Get more vacation time and enjoy better work/life balance.
  • Put your intensive care and high-tech nursing skills to use.

“I love being with the babies when they get home from the ICU. At first I'm taking care of them on the ventilator, all of a sudden they're decannulated, they don't have a trach anymore, they're starting to take their first steps and their first words, and all of a sudden they're going to preschool and don't need a nurse anymore. And it is just the happiest, most fulfilling thing that I love getting to be a part of.” - Rita D, RN

“I've been with my client for 10 years. I've watched him grow from a 6th grader to a junior in college. And it's really helped me to bond with my client. To bond with the family, to watch his growth, to watch his successes, to be there when they need support. There are a lot of rewarding aspects—it’s like watching your own kids grow.” –Denise B, RN


A Work-Life Balance is Key.

“Flexibility is important for me because I have two daughters and I'm a single mother, so being able to be at home with them in the evening times, to cook dinner for them and not be tired after a 12-hour work shift really means a lot to me.”  - Miranda W., RN & Case Manager




High-tech care with a deep connection.

“One big difference in terms of skills is that you are the medical professional when you are in the home. You're managing that care, you're even doing some of that respiratory care, you're doing some of the therapy, you're doing the nursing. You're all of those things, and you can do that because you have the time and you have the one-on-one attention to really do it well.” - Joey N. , RN

Join our team, transform lives.

Tendercare is a local, family owned and operated home health nursing agency placing nurses with adult and pediatric patients for one-on-one care. Many of our nurses made the change to Tendercare because they were looking to connect more deeply with patients and their families. If that sounds familiar, we might be a great fit for you.

After joining Tendercare, we will place you with patients that fit your skill set and are close to where you live, so you can see them on your schedule. We can also place you in a full or part-time position. And we offer paid time off and continuing education opportunities throughout the year.

It’s all about practicing your nursing skills on your time—but more than that, it’s about making a positive difference in the lives of the patients you serve. Are you ready to join our team?


Want to know more?

If you want to learn about our team, hear more about our application process, or know more about opportunities for positions other than nurses, fill out the form below and a member of the Tendercare team will contact you. You can also find more information about our careers here:

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