Every so often we like to take a look at some of the reviews that we receive for our home healthcare agency. After all, we could sit here and tell you about how good our services are until we’re blue in the face, but wouldn’t it make more sense to let our customer speak for us. They’re the ones who are receiving our services, and they’re the ones who interact with us on a daily basis.

Today we’re going hear from Ryan, who has been receiving Tendercare’s adult home health services for the past seven years.

“After my accident in May of 2010 my life was changed drastically. Once discharged from The Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana, I was faced with the question of how I was to be cared for while both of my parents had full-time jobs. Tendercare came to my rescue. With their great nursing staff as well as the close contact and care from all the members of their administrative staff, my family and I are well on our way to figuring out how to cope with our “new normal”. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for this wonderful nursing agency.”

— Ryan

Thanks for writing in and letting us know about your experience with us Ryan. We realize that this letter was written some time ago, but it’s one of our favorites.

While most people know us for our pediatric home health care, we also provide quite a lot of home care for adults. As we discussed in this blog, adults are in need or care for quite a few reasons. Sometimes their care starts as pediatric care and then, wonderfully, they grow up! (Still, they need adult services.) Some adults, both young and old, might be experiencing diseases that are getting progressively worse over time.

Others are like Ryan, who experienced an accident; one day they’re fine, the next everything has changed. And when one person’s world turns upside down, it can do the same for everyone in the family. His family was there to support him, but support can cost money. Home care agencies like Tendercare allow parents like his to return to work in order to keep life moving forward for everyone involved.

Thanks, Ryan, for noting the variety of people you worked with when you mentioned both the nurses and the administrative staff. We have lots of people on every patient’s case, because we want to keep the communication going with the patient, their family, insurance/Medicaid, the nurses, and the patient’s doctor. We spend a lot of time hiring each and every person to ensure they’ll be a good fit with Tendercare.

Be sure to write in whenever you want, Ryan, because we’re happy to continue working with you. We’re more than happy to provide the in-home occupational and physical therapy that patients like you need, and will be doing so for as long as you need us.