It may sound strange, but in some ways we wish we didn’t have to exist. While we certainly love our jobs helping people out, wouldn’t it be nice if people didn’t need our in-home healthcare services? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could take care of themselves and have to ability to get out and about as they pleased?

But even in the most positive science fiction visions of the future, it seems that there’s always a need for doctors and nurses to help those who are in need, and it seems that there will always be some need for in-home healthcare. Today we’re going to look at three of the most common reasons that adults are in need of home healthcare and what we can do to help them.

Accidents Happen

No need for a home care agency comes about faster than an accident. One moment a person is out and about using their body in the same way they have for years, and the next they find themselves in a wheelchair and need someone to feed them. Accident patients tend to break down into two subcategories: those who need temporary home healthcare, and those who need permanent home care.

For those who need temporary care, the path to recovery has a proposed schedule, with the doctor or physical therapist seeing a considerable or full recovery within a certain amount of time. While the patient might need help with bathing, dressing, and eating for a specific amount of time, the staff believes that they will able to take care of themselves at some point down the road. It’s likely that at-home physical therapy will be part of their recovery plan.

On the other hand. some adults who have been in an accident will never fully recover. They might need daily care from an at-home nurse for the foreseeable future, and perhaps for the rest of their lives. While they might need a physical therapist to help them regain some movement, they will also need an occupational therapist to help adapt their surroundings to their new way of living and the equipment that they require.

Progressive Diseases

Some diseases of both the body and mind begin simply enough, causing someone to make minor adjustments to the way they do things. At first they might simply need a handrail to make it down the stairs, and then move to a wheelchair and ramp. But when the disease prevents them from moving at all, the time for at-home healthcare becomes apparent.

We can help patients at every stage of a progressing illness. When they need someone to help them with once-a-day tasks such as bandage changing or bathing, we’ll be there. As they require additional treatments, such as medical device monitoring or full-time care, we’re there to take care of their in-home care up to 24-hours a day.

Kids Grow Up

Kids with disabilities grow up to be adults with disabilities, and Tendercare is there for them at both stages! We can help them transition from living with their parents to living on their own. And while patients might have been dealing with disabilities for their entire lives, that doesn’t mean that living on their own is going to be easy. We help them take care of their equipment and other daily tasks that parents might have been dealing with. Tendercare can also provide the best occupational therapists around so that the new living space can accommodate the disability as much as possible.

No matter an adult’s age, we’re ready to help them recover and deal with whatever their new life brings. It’s what we do here at Tendercare, because we love helping people lead the fullest life they possibly can. Contact us if you or a loved one is in need.