Deciding whether an elderly person should be moved to a nursing home or make use of senior home care can be a difficult decision. After all, few seniors are ready to make any large-scale changes in their lives, creating a difficult situation if their children have to step in and help them make the decision for them.

There is certainly a time for nursing homes, and they can provide a wonderful place for seniors to engage with others. If a senior should be in one to protect their safety and ensure that their health is taken care of, then a nursing home can be an obvious answer. But all too often they’re used as a first choice instead of a last resort, and there are many reasons why it might be better for seniors to stay where they are and receive elderly home care.

They Might Not Be Ready To Go Yet

We all have egos that can get hurt, and the feeling of being self-reliant is just as strong in a senior as it was when they were younger. Unfortunately, their bodies won’t allow them to do what they used to, and that can cause them to fight the idea of going to a nursing home.

Luckily, elderly home care can be an excellent first step in the transition from home to senior center. Getting a little help is a lot easier than being moved into a new situation in which they have everything taken care of for them. And speaking of moving…

They Get To Stay in Comfortable Surroundings

Moving can be a fun and exciting time…when you’re young. But for many seniors, moving is a chore, especially since they’ll be having to reduce a housefull of stuff down to one nursing home room. Add to that the fact that they have most likely been in their current home for a while, (probably raising their kids in it) and it can can be easy to understand why leaving their home could be a move they simply don’t want to make.

With in-home elder care services, the senior can stay in their home and still get excellent home care, whether that’s for a few hours a day or for 24-hour care. Of course, they’re getting some amazing in-home healthcare that’s…

One-On-One Attention

Nursing homes with good ratios will brag on the employee-to-patient ratio. The lower the number, the greater amount of time each patient gets with a nurse or nursing home worker.

But when it comes to in-home elder care services, that ratio is 1:1! Our nurses will be able to give all of their attention to the senior, making friends and taking the absolute best care of them.

If You’ve Taken Them In

If you are especially close to your parent and could never imagine having them be in a nursing home, it’s possible that you’ve invited them into your home. Of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to stay with them all day long, as you will probably need to work. It’s wonderful that you’ve taken your parent into your home, but as parents get older their needs become greater and greater. If this is the case, we’re more than happy to provide senior home care and take care of your loved one as much as you need.

The fact is, nursing homes aren’t for everyone. And even if a nursing home is in a senior’s future, there’s a good chance that a transition to it is better than a sudden move. That’s where elderly home care comes in. Contact Tendercare when it’s time for the senior in your life to start getting the best in-home health care available!