Here at Tendercare, we take care of hundreds of people with dozens of different needs. Sometimes it’s pediatric home healthcare that goes on during the workday, while in other instances it’s 24-hour care for someone needing senior home care. While those sorts of long-term needs might be the most obvious, there are less obvious times when at home healthcare is appropriate. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the instances that arise where people need in-home health care but don’t necessarily need it long term.

Difficult Medical Treatments

Some medical treatments that are required are very complex. While certain medical equipment can be used by anyone, others require special training. Our in-home medical care nurses are constantly being trained on the latest equipment to help those with at-home treatments that go beyond what most patients are comfortable with. IV medications, wound care, and complex machines are all aspects of home care that we deal with every day.

After a Serious Injury or Surgery

When someone has a serious injury, there’s often only so much a hospital can do before releasing a patient. And as we wrote in this blog, it’s important to vacate the hospital as quickly as possible in order to avoid getting a serious infection.

After a serious injury, the healing process can continue outside the walls of a hospital. That’s when it’s time for occupational therapists and other at home caregivers to take over. The patient might not be able to fully take care of themselves yet, which means that they might require Tendercare’s services. As they heal, they can move from full-time at-home care to part time care, eventually ending up with short amounts of time with a physical therapist.

Recovering From A Major Sickness

Similar to the serious injuries we just talked about are major illnesses. Even after the ailment has left the body, a person can still be incredibly weak from being sick for so long, whether it’s a debilitating malaise or because their muscles have atrophied. The nurses at our home care agency can help a patient further recover from their illness, while our in-home physical therapy agents can help them get back on their feet…literally!

Preventing Repeat Visits To Emergency Rooms

Here’s something we don’t have to tell you: hospitals are expensive. Emergency rooms are often more so. So when someone is constantly in the hospital or visits the emergency room weekly, it quickly becomes obvious that at-home care is going to be a much more cost-effective way to care for them. Keeping them healthy at home with proper care is better than letting their health fail due to lack of care and having them end up back in the hospital.

Experiencing a Major Change In Health

Sometimes an illness or injury isn’t about healing from it; instead it’s about learning to live with it. A person who loses a limb might need short term at-home care for a short time, but an occupational therapist will be needed to help the person figure out the best way to live their new life.

Childbirth Complications

It’s well-known that some aspects of childbirth — breech birth, for example — are riskier than others. But what many people don’t think about are the risks that can occur after the birth of a child. Recovery times after childbirth can be extensive for some women, even if that recovery doesn’t require a stay in the hospital. Our home healthcare agency can have a nurse take care of postpartum women in the comfort of their home as they recover from a difficult childbirth.

Managing A Chronic Disease

When a person is diagnosed with a disease, the mental toll it takes on them can be as bad as the physical. Few of them are ready to listen to a doctor about the most effective way to administer treatment, and those without a spouse or partner are left to fend for themselves trying to figure out the proper dosages and how to deal with new limitations. Once again, our home care agency comes in to help a person get started on their treatments. They might not need this help for long, but they do need it.

No matter how long a patient needs help, Tendercare is there. Find out more about us right here!