When most people think of nurses, they imagine women and men who work at a hospital. Secondarily, they might imagine a nurse that assists a doctor at a primary care physician’s office. But registered nurses aren’t just limited to healthcare facilities; many of them are out there providing at-home healthcare services for the people of the Indianapolis area.

Until put in a difficult situation, most people don’t realize just how important in-home care can be and the myriad benefits it can offer. Let’s take a look at the top advantages you’ll find home healthcare services provide.

The Patient May Not Be Able To Move

The fact is, some patients are unable to leave home very often, heading to the doctor’s office only occasionally and with advance planning. Such patients certainly aren’t going to leave the house every day for basic care, and that’s where at-home care comes into play. We come to the patient so that he or she can remain in bed or in some other comfortable position, making life so much easier.

It Can Be Tough To Travel

For many patients who are homebound, getting out can be difficult. It might involve hours of planning, multiple people to move the equipment, and a bumpy ride in the van, only to have to reverse the process once they arrive at the healthcare building. After therapy, the entire process has to be repeated to get them back home. A short appointment can take an entire morning. Shouldn’t all of that effort at least be put into going somewhere they they actually want to go?  Instead, all of that time is used to head someplace that’s not fun at all.

The Driving

It bears repeating that getting to a care center can be a pain, not the least of which is the time it takes to get there. Of course, it’s not just the time driving that has to be considered, but also any time off work that has to be taken. All of that driving can be eliminated with in home care services.

The Patient May Not Want To Move

If your loved one doesn’t want to head to a healthcare facility, don’t be surprised. Many of our patients have spent more than enough time in the hospital, more in a month than most people spend during an entire lifetime. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if they don’t want to spend their time in yet another examining room or physical therapy gym.

On top of that, some patients aren’t interested in going out into the world any more than they have to. Some aren’t comfortable with their condition and the way that society interacts with them. We understand that every patient has a different level of comfort with their condition and needs to move out into society in their own time.

The Extras

No matter the reasons for wanting to stay at home, at-home healthcare can make life easier on patients and their families. This includes making the absolute most of everyone’s time.

When you got to a hospital or physical therapy facility, there’s often quite a bit of waiting. You might be waiting on a doctor, waiting on a nurse, waiting for a specific room or machine to open up. Nobody wants that.

The benefits of utilizing a home healthcare facility become pretty obvious. We show up to your door and the patient is the center of attention. If there’s care to be administered, it’s administered right away! If you or a loved one needs the help of registered nurses and physical therapists, Tendercare Home Health Services is ready to make the most of every day. Contact us today!