Some of the patients we see every day are living on their own. Perhaps they’re seniors who are enjoying living at home while still taking advantage of home healthcare. Other times it’s an adult who has a disability but still has the ability to take care of themselves throughout most of the day.

But many of the patients that we see every day are in the care of their parents, or, in the case of a senior, are in the care of their adult children. (For the purposes of this article, we’re going to call the heads of household caregivers.) These caregivers are in daily interaction with their child or senior parent; they might be able to provide some of the help but aren’t able to handle everything. Or, if the caregivers have an adult child who is unable to live on his or her own because of a disability, more help might be needed than a caregiver can give.

That’s where a home care agency like Tendercare Home Health Services comes in. We provide the help that a caregiver isn’t always able to, whether it’s for a few hours a day, the entire workday, or in some cases 24-hour assistance. The service we provide, in most cases, isn’t simply a convenience for the caregiver and the person needing in-home healthcare; it’s an absolute necessity. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why home health services are so important for everyone involved.

Caregivers Need to Work

While some people are able to stay home with someone with special needs, that’s simply not an option for others. After all, the Medicaid that might be helping to pay for at-home healthcare might be enough to care for the person with a disability, but it’s certainly not enough to pay for the house, the car, and any other family members who need to eat. (There are often also medical costs that go beyond what Medicaid covers.) Someone in the house still has to work, and we don’t have to tell you that it’s often both parents who are required to work in order to make ends meet.

With the help of pediatric home care, adult home care, or senior home care provided by Tendercare Home Health Services, caregivers can go to work and provide for the rest of their family. The ability to do so has certainly saved many people from financial hardships.

Caregivers Need To Get Out

Having someone at home who is in need of in-home care can be emotionally taxing. That’s not to disparage any of the caregivers; any human who has that much responsibility put on them will suffer to some degree (even our nurses take vacations, after all!).

If a caregiver isn’t working outside the home, it’s important for them to get out. Parents need to get out on date nights, single parents want to go out and spend time with friends. Even these single nights to go out and recharge can go a long way to building up their resolve to tackle the next day. For better mental health, it’s just good to go out sometimes, and our home healthcare experts can make that happen.

Caregivers Need Guidance

It’s important to remember that the employees we send to perform in-home care are nurses. They have nursing degrees of various levels, and we’ll be sure to match up a loved one’s need with the speciality of a particular nurse or nurses. Plus our nurses are going through constant updates in training so that they can upgrade the care of the person in their charge.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a full-time nurse, and caregivers are seldom able to take the time and effort it requires to do everything that a nurse can. But when there’s a nurse around to care for the disabled, that nurse can also help the caregiver care for their loved one better. That could include relaying knowledge about symptoms of serious sickness, better wound care, and basic equipment management.

Still, not all equipment can be handled by someone without proper training. That’s why…

Caregivers Need Professionals To Handle The Equipment

Some types of home healthcare needs expensive equipment that requires extensive training. Some pieces of equipment go far beyond monitoring and are directly keeping the patient alive. These pieces are often incredibly expensive and can’t be used by anyone who hasn’t had particular training. Because machines are constantly improving, more training for the nurses is also necessary. In such cases, nurses are certainly a requirement.

We think it’s pretty obvious that home healthcare isn’t just a convenience. No, it’s an absolute necessity in the lives of caregivers and their loved ones. At Tendercare, we’re ready to provide this service with the best in-home care service available in the Indianapolis area. If you’re in need of our services, be sure to contact us right here to get the process started.