Speech therapy, or more accurately speech-language pathology, is one of the most misunderstood of all of the in-home care services that Tendercare provides. While most people have some idea of what goes on with at-home elder care of physical therapy, speech therapy is so much more than a movie such as The King’s Speech makes it out to be.

For instance, the average person who has never dealt with someone who works in speech therapy before might only think that they help people with speech problems such as stuttering. But speech pathology deals with so much more. These therapists help people with the more well-known speech difficulties, yes, but they also help with swallowing problems and communication problems as well. For instance, they are just as likely to help someone with developing tools to help them find their words after a brain injury as they are to help someone get over a lifelong stuttering problem.

So the question remains, what are the advantages of at-home speech therapy, as opposed to the traditional methods of heading to a clinic or office? Let’s take a look.


There’s a reason that home milk delivery has made a comeback in the last decade: convenience. People lead busy lives, and if they can cut out the time it takes to drive across town and wait in the waiting room to see a speech therapist, it’s simply more convenient for them. In fact, some people are more likely to get speech therapy for the simple fact that at-home therapy is offered.

The Comfort of Home

Those who need speech therapy might be concerned with being out in public, or being seen at a therapist’s office. Perhaps they fear getting flustered at not being able to find the right word when out in public, or speak with such a soft or raspy voice that they are uncomfortable talking with the person at the front desk of a speech pathologist’s office.

Home can be a comforting place for many people, making it easier for them to focus on the tools that the speech therapist is trying to give them. Having at-home speech therapy means that a patient is always sure that they are the sole focus of the therapist.

Sometimes It’s A Necessity

Those who are in need of in-home speech therapy might also be receiving many other forms of in-home care. Perhaps they were in a car accident and are dealing with their physical injuries at the same time they need speech therapy. Having the speech pathology brought to them is so much more convenient for someone who’s been injured than having to visit an office setting. In fact, sometimes it’s simply a necessity for someone who is homebound by physical or mental injuries.

Whether it takes place in an office setting or at home, it’s important for those who need it to get the speech therapy they need. Here at Tendercare, we offer this at-home speech therapy for both those who would rather experience it at home and those who are forced to. Contact us today to learn more.