1. Reasons To Get Out of the Hospital and Into Home Healthcare

    We interact with a number of different types of clients who come to us with a variety of needs. Sometimes it’s those looking for in-home occupational therapy, while others have just had a baby that might soon be needing pediatric home healthcare. Other’s might be needing full-time senior home care for a loved one. Of course, every one of these people has had a different experience with hospita…Read More

  2. The Extensive Care We Take Before In-Home Care Begins

    If you are the unpaid caregiver for someone who requires in-home care — whether you’re a parent, spouse, or child of the person with special needs — there’s a good chance that you’ve already been through a lot. After all, taking care of someone with special needs can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have formal training. Sudden changes in the condition of a loved one can be…Read More

  3. Top 5 Advantages of At-Home Healthcare

      When most people think of nurses, they imagine women and men who work at a hospital. Secondarily, they might imagine a nurse that assists a doctor at a primary care physician's office. But registered nurses aren’t just limited to healthcare facilities; many of them are out there providing at-home healthcare services for the people of the Indianapolis area. Until put in a difficult situati…Read More