1. Why Choose Speech Therapy At Home?

      Speech therapy, or more accurately speech-language pathology, is one of the most misunderstood of all of the in-home care services that Tendercare provides. While most people have some idea of what goes on with at-home elder care of physical therapy, speech therapy is so much more than a movie such as The King’s Speech makes it out to be. For instance, the average person who has never dealt w…Read More

  2. What Are the Benefits of In-Home Occupational and Physical Therapy?

    When most people think about physical therapy, they often imagine a room at a hospital or at a rehab center that kind of looks like a gym. Some of the equipment is recognizable, but other pieces look completely foreign. If you’ve never been to physical therapy before, you might only know what they look like thanks to television shows. The fact is, not all physical therapy takes place at a health…Read More