Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide you with the finest quality in home healthcare services. We strive to serve the people in our communities by affirming life and the dignity of our patients with a variety of at-home services. By providing supportive care in the family setting of the home, Tendercare empowers families as active participants in the care of their loved one. Trust, honesty, integrity, respect for human dignity, reliability, and flexibility are the principles that guide our relationship with you and your family.

handsgoldOur History

Leslie Deitchman, RN and her husband, Jim started Tendercare in 1994 after recognizing a need in the health care industry for quality home healthcare. As the President and Administrator, Leslie is very involved in every aspect of the operation of the business. She has 14 years experience in critical care areas, including adult and pediatric intensive care, open heart, coronary care, and emergency room nursing. Leslie had also worked part time doing skilled home care nursing visits prior to starting Tendercare. She realized that Indianapolis and the surrounding areas had an unfilled opportunity for an agency to provide better quality, service oriented home care.

Denise Rusler RN is our Director of Nursing and has been with Tendercare since 1994, also starting as a staff nurse. She has critical care experience and is an excellent resource for our nursing staff and our clients. Denise is a caring, dedicated nurse, and we are proud to have her with us.

Tendercare hopes to continue to grow steadily but we remain committed to our main goals: providing the highest quality of service and care. We are mindful that bigger is not always better.

Nursing Professionals

Tendercare’s people are what really set us apart! When the home care agency was started, Leslie compiled a list of the top 60 nurses she had worked with over the years. Nurses who were intelligent, kind, compassionate, personable, and reliable: the type of person that she would want to take care of her own family. In turn, she then asked these people to recommend others who fit this high standard. Tendercare provides only state-licensed, well-trained, competent home healthcare professionals. Our employees are rigorously screened and only the most qualified are selected. Our home care services now employ¬†more than 300 full and part-time people. All employees are regularly trained to meet Tendercare’s high standards of knowledge and professionalism.

Tendercare looks forward to working with you and your primary care physician to tailor a plan of care specific to your needs. We make every effort to assure adequate flexible staff. We are willing to work with private caregivers and families to assure all of your needs are met.

Comprehensive Services

ventYou will find a full spectrum of available services through Tendercare. Professional services include: Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Medical Social Workers, Home Health Aides, and Home Companion services.

Tendercare specializes in 24-hour care. We have also found a niche in high-tech nursing cases, especially ventilator dependent cases and high-tech pediatric home health care cases. Since the majority of our nurses have intensive-care experience or other high-tech experience, filling this specialized home care need seemed a natural route for Tendercare to follow. Our staff possesses excellent assessment skills acquired from previous nursing experiences, that in addition to the ongoing training Tendercare provides with ventilator classes and mandatory annual reviews of emergency procedures, makes for an effective staff, well equipped to handle most any situation.

Tendercare’s orientation policy states that we want our staff “to be not only competent, but confident” in what they are doing. We realize that each patient is unique. Therefore, we tailor each case to the individual’s needs.

We strongly believe in the education of the patient and family as is pertains to the involvement in each case. It is in this education process of the disease and medical equipment that we will try to alleviate most of the stress that comes with dealing with these new circumstances.

We make every effort to staff your requested hours or shifts. However, Tendercare cannot guarantee staffing. Should there be a call in or open shift, we will make every attempt to contact all your regular caregivers for their availability to cover the shift. Please note, should the additional hours requested place the caregiver in overtime, this automatically disqualifies them as an available caregiver.